David Joseph Simard

Construction & Real Estate Development

A real estate development and construction consultant, David Joseph Simard is focused on the booming market in Vancouver.

David Joseph Simard has built a successful career in real estate through an unorthodox path. Currently, Simard is a private real estate development and construction consultant based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, one of Canada’s most desirable housing and commercial real estate markets. Along his path, Simard has found ways to incorporate his varied experience and education throughout each new venture he’s undertaken. Beyond his work in the private sector, David Joseph Simard has also provided his expertise to a number of public and non-profit initiatives, including service to the Board of UNLV’s School of Business and being named as the founding President of the Canada Nevada Business Counsel.

David Joseph Simard’s path to Vancouver and his passion for real estate and construction first began in Windsor, Ontario at the University of Windsor. It was here that Simard’s multi-disciplined education began, as he studied both industrial psychology and history/international relations. From there, he moved on to East Lansing, Michigan to study at Michigan State University. While at MSU, Simard would go on to receive two Bachelor of Arts degrees in industrial psychology and history/international relations. Simard, a proud Spartan to this day, found himself continuing his studies at Michigan State and also received a Juris Doctorate, the highest education available in the legal profession in the United States.

While he was still in school, and by complete coincidence, David Joseph Simard started his first part-time job in real estate. Most international relations majors aren’t taking jobs in real estate to embark on a career spanning multiple decades. However, Simard quickly fell in love the work he started as a real estate broker and eventually moving on to real estate development. Little did he know at the time, that first part-time job would lead him down the path to the international real estate industry and consulting Fortune 500 companies in the management of multi-million dollar projects to stay within schedule and under budget.

Currently, David Joseph Simard continues his consulting for multi-national corporations like General Dynamics, Ericsson, and AT&T. In this role, Simard provides turnkey real estate project management solutions, as well as legal, financial, and operations consulting services. In his own words, Simard would tell you that it’s the sight of a new construction project begin to go vertical that has kept him on this path. What differentiates David Joseph Simard is his ability to work through all facets of a commercial or residential real estate project, including new construction, sales, and leasing. He gives his clients the unique opportunity to work with a consultant that can stay involved in all phases and the full life cycle of a project.

In his free time, Simard enjoys snowboarding, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. An avid wine connoisseur, you may also run into him at one of Vancouver’s fine vineyards during a wine tasting. David Joseph Simard‘s other philanthropic efforts include his work on the Boards of the Lied Institute for Real Estate, NDA, and NAIOP.

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