Real estate investors and developers are always looking for properties where they can expect profits in the future. High-end real estate professionals consider the market of luxury real estate to be a fruitful venture when in the right region.

Here are five of the most luxurious property markets in the world.


For an extended period, London has remained the most expensive property market worldwide, with a significant number of luxurious properties around the city. Although the city has high taxes on properties, both domestic and international investors continue to show substantial interests in the properties around the city of London. It is worth noting that London has been the most luxurious city in the world for the last four years.


Vancouver, the warmest city in Canada, remains to be one of the most desirable property destinations in Canada.  The weather, access to outdoor activities and booming business climate have made this area the “go to” area in Canada.  All the properties in this region have been attracting significant interests from both domestic and international real estate investors (especially Asian investors looking to divest outside of Asia) who have a perception that the properties will continue to appreciate, hence providing profits both in the short term and long term.


The prices of real estate properties are soaring high to the extent that only investors and developers with a substantial amount of money are able to buy properties on the island of Monaco. Despite the increasing prices, record high sales continue to be recorded in the city each year. One of the leading causes of high prices in Monaco is tax relief, which has made individuals accumulate much wealth to the point that they can use properties at any costs.

Hong Kong

With the growth in China’s economy, a large number of cities in this country have been growing and becoming luxurious cities, attracting a considerable number of real estate investors and developers. Wealthy individuals are purchasing luxurious properties in this region due to the low interest rates on mortgages and bank loans.


A significant number of property owners consider purchasing properties in the island city of Singapore, which is showing tremendous growth. Manufacturing has been attracting large multinational organizations, which are buying luxurious properties to hots their corporate offices and residential apartments.

Beyond these five cities, there are a plethora of other regions where luxury real estate is booming. For those in the real estate profession, it’s important to keep up-to-date on the latest trends to make the most sustainable business decisions.

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